Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Watch the Throne

"The homies call me lucky lefty, I'm flashy and deadly…" - @S_C_

The game of basketball is often referred to as a metaphor to our everyday lives. Every now and again a person will arrive, and everything, including the game and world around it changes.

Can't Knock the Hustle

Skylar Diggins has become one of the most recognizable faces within and outside of her profession as an athlete. The precocious point guard is a household name, and most certainly can draw a crowd on and off the court.

Diggins possesses an it factor that cannot be taught, and is hardly understood. She is very conscious, strategic, and her business savvy would give any CEO a run for their money. I recently caught up with her on the road in the nation's capital, and she was better than advertised. Skylar Diggins is as rare as she is talented, and her potential is limitless.

Words - @axgilbert
Photo - Getty Images
Cameraman - @appolonaxg

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